African Dwarf Frogs Food

African Dwarf frogs thrive on a varied diet of live, frozen, freeze dried and pelleted food. Specially formulated pelleted which is a African Dwarf Frogs food contains all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow healthy and happy, this should be fed as their staple diet.

Types of Food

  • Live guppy fry : or any type of livebearer fry
  • Frozen or Freeze Dried Brineshrimp
  • Frozen or Freeze Dried Bloodworms or Glassworms
  • HBH Frog and Tadpole Bites
  • Reptomin
  • Gammarus
  • Frozen Beefheart
  • Frozen or Freeze dried krill or baby shrmp
  • Earthworms or nightcrawlers choped into small bite sized pieces

African Dwarf Frogs food is same as it is for African Clawed Frogs, except in small quantities and pieces.

More Methods of Feeding

You can just drop the African Dwarf Frogs food in the tank. The frogs will pick up the sent of the food and begin to search for it. Routine is key to feeding this way. Put the food in the same spot everytime and tap on the glass a little. Soon the frogs will go to the same spot everytime when it’s feeding time. When the feel the taping they will associate it with food. They do not have aggressive appetites like the African Clawed Frog does, so sometimes they may miss the food you put in the tank altogether.

Hand feeding is a much easier way to feed African Dwarf Frogs. Just hold the African Dwarf Frogs food in your fingers and feed it to the frog. If they get scared and swim away just follow them, eventually the sent of food will be too tempting. This way you know all the frogs are eating and finding the food. It also makes them super friendly and not shy of people! My dwarfs come to the front of the glass whenever they see my face since i started handfeeding them.

Using a turkey baster is also a fun way of African Dwarf Frogs Food without getting your arm wet. Draw their food up and squeeze it out slowly right above their heads. Pretty soon they will go straight to the tip of the turkey baster for food.

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