African Dwarf Frogs Facts

African Dwarf frogs can be an interesting and fairly easy pet to care for if a few precautions are followed. The African dwarf frogs are not native to North America and should never be released into streams or creeks in the United States. The African dwarf frog spends most of its life under water but as it has lungs instead of gills it must have access to the surface to breath. When placing the frog in an aquarium make sure the tank is not too deep or the frog will become stressed before reaching the surface to breath.

Important African Dwarf Frogs Facts:

  • Dwarf frogs will only weigh a few ounces at most and grow to a maximum length of 21/2 inches longs. The Average lifespan of the dwarf frog is 5 years. The dwarf frog has no tongues or teeth. It uses its hand to tear food and place in mouth. It has lateral lines on the sides and bottom of its body and has no ears. The frog has very sensitive fingers and a strong sense of smell and it uses this in combination to with the lateral line system to find food. The frog is a scavenger and will eat living, dying and dead organic waste. They will eat blood worms, shrimp, brine shrimp, and water fleas.
  • The African dwarf frog mates using a system called amplexus. The male frog will approach the female from behind and wrap his hands around her body. She will then become motionless for a time. This usually happens at night. The female will then begin swimming with the male frog in tow. She will lay her eggs in the water and the male will release sperm to fertilize the eggs. When she is done she will once again become motionless, this signals the male that the amplexus is over.
  • In the wild the African Dwarf frogs live in ponds, shallow rivers and creeks. They prefer to live on the bottom and will sleep there. As pets dwarf frogs should be kept in aquariums along with other aquatic life such as goldfish or other frogs. They are social creatures and do well with other frogs or bottom feeders. Keep the water at a temperature between 75-82 degrees and the ph balances between 6.5 and 7.5. This will prevent stressing the frog.

Quick African Dwarf Frogs Facts:

  • Most dwarf frogs range from olive green in color to brown. They may have black spots. If a frog has white spots it may be developing a fungus and should be removed from the aquarium immediately to prevent spreading the fungus to the other pets. Never place the aquarium in sunlight as this will change the water temperature and stress the frogs and other aquarium pets.
  • African Dwarf frogs do carry the bacteria that cause Salmonella and care should be used when handling the frogs. Make sure to always wash your hands with soap and hot water after handling the frogs or cleaning the tank. This is an extremely dangerous bacteria to humans.

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