African dwarf frogs

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A New household pet:
The AFRICAN DWARF FROG seems to have become a common household pet in many homes. This is a very good thing if you are a bit squeamish about keeping frogs as a pet. You don’t have to worry about your children keeping crickets and other crawlies running around the house.

African dwarf frogs are a species of freshwater aquatic frog belonging to the family pipidae, which is a family of thirty or so primitive, tongue less frogs that are typically found in the tropical regions of South America and the sub-saharan regions of Africa. These frogs are very small, weighing no more than a few grams at maturity, and they typically grow to a maximum length of around 2.5 inches (6,5cm). The majority of this length can be attributed to the long, thin legs that African dwarf frogs use to propel themselves through the water. With proper care, African dwarf frogs can live up to five years in captivity. These aquatic frogs have slim, almost flat bodies that range in color from brown to olive green and they often exhibit dark spotting along their backs and legs. African dwarf frogs have lungs like mammals rather than gills like fish, despite being aquatic creatures, so you may occasionally se them darting to the surface of the tank and taking gulps of air.